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Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) we strive to specify the rules that are applied to all types of users’ data that we may collect or submit while our users install, access, or use VPN Private (the “Service,” the “App,” “we”).

In the Policy, we are explaining the types of data that we don’t collect at all, the limited amount of data that we may collect, the reasons why we need to collect it, and what are your rights and options in respect of your data use.

VPN Private’s primary goal is to care about your data privacy and safety. So, please, read the Policy carefully before using the App.

Data Collection

We collect no identifiable personal data, which can reveal the identity of a user, such as a name, phone number, email, geolocation, data stored on their device, etc. We also never track IP addresses, connection logs, or the destination of the traffic.

Using the App, users allow us to collect only minimum of basic connection metadata. That is why we may collect only some data about connection duration to our servers and about the amount of data transferred per day.

There is only one purpose why we need the basic data that we may collect, which may be stored for less than 24 hours — for improving our Service and provide our users with superior network experience.

Free and Premium Users

Being a user of our free App version, you may be served with adverts of our partner AdMob. We want to highlight that we don’t share any data that we may collect with the third-party advertiser. However, it’s possible that the advertiser can collect your device Advertising ID while serving its ads via our Service without our help. Read more about the Advertising ID and the ways of opting out personalized ads here:

Being a user of our Premium App version, you won’t get any ads while using our Service, and therefore no Advertising ID will be collected by the third-party advertiser.

Data Share

We may use third-party analytic tools, such as Google Analytics and Firebase, in order to find connection failures and bugs. It will help us avoid found issues in the future, improve our Services, and ensure a smooth user experience. Read more about the policies of the abovementioned services policies here:

Collecting Cookies

We do not use cookies on our website, and we get App cookies disabled by default, as we don’t intend to analyze traffic data of our users with their help. However, we use Google Analytics service, which may collect and keep third-party cookies. Sharing these cookies with other parties by Google is restricted by Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Google Analytics collects non-personally identifiable data about app use, which we use only for improving app performance. We use the data that we get from Google Analytics in a way it can’t be connected with an individual user. You can read more about Google’s Privacy & Terms here: You can also restrict Google Analytics to recognize your activity by disabling cookies on your browser.

Disabling Cookies

Your device and browser have the settings that allow you to change cookies preferences whenever you want. The settings may vary from device to device and from browser to browser, but all of them let you control different types of cookies and choose which cookies to block, to allow, or clear the ones already stored on your device. Read more about managing cookies in the “help” section of your browser.

Children’s Privacy

The App is designed just for users over 16, and we don’t intend to collect any data about individuals under 16. If you found out that your child has shared his or her personal data, don’t hesitate to let us know at info [email protected], and all relevant data will be removed from our servers.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change the Policy from time to time, so please regularly check the Policy for updates and changes to always stay informed on how we collect, use, keep, and share your data and what related rights you have.


If you have any questions regarding the Service and the Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Last modified: April 24, 2020